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Chinese cultural oppression

March 23rd, 2008 No comments

chinese execution

It’s a sad fact, that western media often do not reflect and think deeply and deversified enough about oppressions agains cultures and liberation movements. The example the fact that “Che Guevara” has become a “Pop icone” and “fashion paradigm” shows how stupid the outcome of globalised economy influences our society.

Che Guevara Fashion

The Tibet liberation movement is not an issue, that can be simplified down to “Tibet against China” not “good vs. evil”. The internet communication is one of the few exaples that show, that a cultural globalisation is possible as well. The chinese government oppresses chinese artists, writers and “intellectuals” for years. An official letter of “Chinese Intellectuals” to the chinese government shows how diversified this issue is:

Text of Chinese intellectuals’ letter to Chinese government