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China getting ready

March 25th, 2008 No comments

Human rights in China and the Beijing Olympics
As the clock ticks down to the start of the Beijing Olympics, Amnesty International is hopeful the event can create a positive human rights legacy for the people of China.
The Chinese government have promised action. Now the ball is in their court.
There are high expectations that the Games will spark improvements in China’s human rights record. When Beijing was chosen as the host city for the Games, both the Chinese authorities and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) spoke publicly of the “unique legacy” it would leave to China and to sport. This included progress in human rights.
Although there have been some positive changes since then, such as a reform of the death penalty system and greater reporting freedom for foreign journalists, these have been overshadowed by a deterioration in other areas.
The Games are being used as a justification to extend the use of detention without trial in Beijing as part of the city’s “clean-up” ahead of August 2008. Meanwhile, human rights activists are increasingly subjected to harassment, house arrest and unfair trials.

China getting ready for Bejing 2008